Is there a limit to a number of times that you can fold a piece of paper?

The long standing myth is that any piece of paper no matter the size can only be folded in half only 7- 8 times. This is because every time a piece of paper is folded the thickness of the paper doubles and quickly comes to a point where it’s physically  impossible to fold any further. For A4 size paper this is in fact the case 🙂

In the year 2002, a junior high student named Britney Gallivan put this myth to rest by folding 4,000 ft of toilet paper 12 times. In addition, she  developed a paper folding theorem which allowed her to calculate maximum number of fold based on factors such as thickness, length of the paper and direction of folding.

In order to give you all an idea of how daunting and difficult this task is, here is a video by MythBusters attempting to fold a piece of paper the size of football field 11 times.

and another video by St. Mark’s School in SouthBourgh, Massachusetts trying to break Britney’s record.